Art of Hosting

“Art of Hosting” – is a practice to use the power and wisdom of a group to recognize the essence. Blockages can be solved, contradictions can be worked on.

It is participatory leadership approach for individuals and teams. This means openness and shared responsibility for the group, the course and results.

AOH complements professional facilitation with the social, sustainable and cultural dimension. Community building, dealing with unclear and conflicting tasks is the domain. Individuals and groups are promoted and demanded in their abilities, in their autonomy.

The AOH community is a worldwide network of consultants who constantly exchange knowledge and experiences. A common approach is to design and hold the “field” that connects the participants.

We therefor regard matter as being a region with immense density of the field. In this new physics there is no place for the field and the matter. Therefor the field is the only matter“ (Albert Einstein)