Change: RIP

We have to deal with changes differently. The old scheme “Unfreeze – Change – Freeze” is no longer. It was already getting old. Managers and consultants believed in a stable starting point to change. Already through these ideas we inevitably produced resistance. And this rhythm is exhausting and leads to constant stop and go. You know the old programs, which should bring the store jerky forward? TOP, 2020, speed they were called.

Today the digital transformation means something has to happen and the subito, otherwise nothing will happen. The corporate world is so caught up in changes that such initiatives are hardly noticed or taken seriously. Today we seem permanently unfreezed. I used to believe in the fever curve of Change:

  • First horror and rejection of the change,
  • then the digestive phase, it goes up in mood and then down again when you realize that you are actually affected.
  • Later, after habituation or visible success, the mood rises again.
  • The performance phase begins.
  • In the climax of change to peak performance.

These waves are barely perceptible today because they appear in the organization at different times and places. So everything appears freezed at the same time and somehow unfreezed or in between. Is the agile company the solution? Let’s pack a few happy ingredients:

  • More confidence in the autonomy of teams
  • Empowerment of persons
  • Training and development of employees Coaches instead develop
  • Maintain the job market
  • An entrepreneurial ecosystem,
  • to take up a network
  • Plan less, do it faster
  • Less control and more clear directions
  • In any case, be “digital”

I am usually in favor of this, depending on the urgency and self-competence of the organization. The catch is the seemingly necessary simultaneity of these changes. And it’s not even enough:

  • Stable zones are necessary, that can be products, roles and people
  • The old governance is always resistant,
  • Well-to-do rights and thinking models depend on it.
  • If they stay, then you will not get very far with empowerment.
  • Side processes, such as planning, controlling, target agreements, remuneration, purchasing, communication, marketing must be put to the test.
  • . These systems form the old backbone. It must be carefully and consistently rebuilt. Nobody likes to stand without a backbone.

Be the change you want to see in the world, but be patient. Disruptions are meant for others. The ongoing, creative impulse in your enterprise can not be stopped.

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