The new exantis

Changes in change consulting: fundamental changes should take less and less time. Often only a impulse is tolerated. Achieved results will be delayed and not even tackled to the end. The number of topics, , contradictions and urgencies increase (digitization, GDPR, global divide, climate crisis, crisis of confidence, generation Y, holocracy, how long-will-I-keep-the-pace, etc.).

Oscillodoxy unfolds: Digitization initiatives oscillate between holistic transformation and the search for lucky shots. Agility fluctuates between very formal processes (such as SCRUM) and the attempt for radical changes in the management style („Digital Leadership“).

What is certain: our effectiveness depends on our intention. That sounds banal. But in practice our doing often does not match our purpose. So crises begin to build up slowly. And everyone could have known before.

The success of an intervention depends on the intervenor. (William O’Brien)

Transformations happen in breadth and depth.

Or you know better.

What I can contribute:

  • Facilitation: This is more than moderation of workshops. Teams and individuals visibly assume their own responsibility. And live them. It is always about the real implementation of specific tasks and projects. My important stake here: consciously addressing the transformation to shared and participative leadership.
  • I support and coach leaders who want to take this shared leadership path.
  • The „Art of Hosting“ attitude inspires me: It complements Facilitation with a social and cultural facet. Conversations with meaning on difficult topics become possible. Immerse yourself in a variety of views. Devote yourself and as a group completely to a topic, to a task. The community touches you. Your view changes and gives you energy for the next step

I’m a learner with 30 years of experience. You can find more on this homepage.


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Exantis ganz neu?

Warum exantis ganz neu aussieht:

Was sich in der  Changeberatung geändert hat: Grundlegende Veränderungen sollen immer kürzer dauern. Oft schon so kurz, dass man nur mehr von einem Impuls sprechen kann. Erzielte Ergebnisse bleiben mehr liegen, als das sie beherzt und vor allem bis zum Ende angegangen werden.

Die Themen, Lösungsversprechen und Dringlichkeit nehmen zu (Digitalisierung, DSCHGVO, Globale Divide, Klimakrise, Vertrauenskrise, Generation Y, Holokratie, Wie-lange-werde-ich-das Tempo-durchhalten usw.).

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