Thomas Broessler Thomas-002

I coach and host people and teams. I facilitate workshops and groups. I enable the participants to dive deep into the really important questions and to take on responsibility. I lead through phases of uncertainty. I care for the field where the essential become aware and happen. That’s my responsibility.

For this it needs a clear attitude of the facilitator as host, as an advocate of the subject and the stakeholders.

Of course there are methods to do it. Like circling, Open Space, World Cafe, systemic consensus and whatever suits.

I coach executives who want to live a transformative leadership approach. Letting go is an demanding art for every leader. It means a dramatic change in the minds of the led and giving up leadership as a management by product. I am your sparring partner in through the emergence of the Digital, generation Y, agile, Sociocracy and Holocracy,

I work according to the standards of the IAF (International Association of Facilitators). I am a member of the worldwide network of Art of Hosting Practitioners. I am a Digital Excellence Consultant

I am a beginner with 40 Years of experience.


„Every act is virgin, even in repetition“ (Niklas Cage)