Rudolf Greger

I design with exantis e.g. Service moments. These are the moments of truth where human contact with a product or service takes place. I am a design thinking expert from experience. and I’ve been working on improving people’s lives through design for over 30 years (1987). Since 2008, service design has been the central theme in my work. With service design I am concerned with holistic corporate design, starting with the business model, the product (the value proposition promise) and finally the actual use (experience). In 2014, in order to make even better use of the designers’ way of thinking, I founded the “Design Thinking Tank” in 2014.

The most beautiful curve is a rising sales graph (Raymond Loewy)

Hanne Rohrauer

I am an organizational consultant, coach and trainer passionate about helping people to invent their own solutions for their challenges.  

I work with individuals and teams in their search of purpose and vision, sharing inspiration, humor and a wide range of methods.

Solution-focused leadership, cooperation, (digital) change and resilience (mental strength) are the core of my service and research.

The future depends on what we do in the present. (Mahatma Gandhi)