The success of an intervention depends…

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.” 
(William O’Brien)

My colleague Christoph F. Strnadl asked me „Is that really true that the „internal“ state of mind (for example) of the intervenor (i.e., the one who performs the intervention on the target) ALWAYS matters?“
„… and on the other hand, for repeated interventions, isn‘t that fairly obvious“
Maybe Thomas Broessler you could elaborate a little more what you see behind this punch line?

An appropriate request. Let me try:

1. What I obviously do not mean, is that the function of a lightswitch depends on your mindset, not even when your are drunk. I talk about our effects in a company or in social life.

2. The opposite does not comply with our experience, that we work well, when we are aware our feelings and our needs. If we don’t have contact to our self, we have minor impact. In literature and art you find many hints, that reveal that. E.g.:

3. The Bhagavadgita
The famous indian epos describes a conversation of the god Krishna with Arjuna. Arjuna is afraid to start a battle, where many people and even relatives might be killed.
„Do your duty to the best of your ability, O Arjuna, with your mind at­tached to the Lord, abandoning worry and selfish attachment to the results, and remaining calm in both success and failure. The selfless service brings peace and equanimity of mind“.

Don’t be afraid,  do your best and do not be attached to the result.

4. The legend of Bagger Vance
The basis of this film is the Bhagavadgita. Arjun’s name  is Junuh. Krishna is Bagger Vance. It is a golf drama. Juna has lost his swing and is followed by night mares after his war service. In a key scene Bagger Vance talks about will and perfection:

Bagger Vance: „Put your eyes on Bobby Jones… Look at his practice swing, almost like he’s searching for something… Then he finds it… Watch how he settle hisself right into the middle of it, feel that focus… He got a lot of shots he could choose from… Duffs and tops and skulls, there’s only ONE shot that’s in perfect harmony with the field… One shot that’s his, authentic shot, and that shot is gonna choose him… There’s a perfect shot out there tryin‘ to find each and every one of us… All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us… Can’t see that flag as some dragon you got to slay… You got to look with soft eyes… See the place where the tides and the seasons and the turnin‘ of the Earth, all come together… where everything that is, becomes one… You got to seek that place with your soul Junuh… Seek it with your hands don’t think about it… Feel it… Your hands is wiser than your head ever gonna be… Now I can’t take you there Junuh… Just hopes I can help you find a way… Just you… that ball… that flag… and all you are…“

A central sentence is: „All we got to do is get ourselves out of its way, to let it choose us“.

5. A quote is a quote is a quote
This quote was often mentioned by Otto C. Scharmer/MIT in the context of the U-Process. In the U-process you look on your mental models and on how they shape your world. In a deeper step you can enter in a mental sphere, where „future emerges, that has to happen right now. The steps are open mind, open heart and open will. In the latter you submit yourself to the future, that wants to emerge right now. Before you analyse you take first step to help the new thing to birth. „Act in an instant“.
The tools used are simple. But the U-process works only if you  allow and expect the upcoming of the new impuls, that wants to come forward right now.

6. Martial Arts (this section is for Christoph)
Aikido is a japanese martial art. It is really an art and needs long training. In Ki Aikido you learn to calm your mind, let the energy KI flow and to step into the mind of your opponent. Exams are in parallel for the pure technique and for the mental development. You cannot move in next level unless you graduated in both.

7. Inner states are important
Once I worked on corporate governance project following a large merger. All units where afraid, that their autonomy was threatened. Countries flocked together against the divisions, the divisions stood up against the holding and the even the english joined the french for a powergame. I therefore elaborated a strong and important letter emphasizing the importance of the project. It was sent from my CEO to all the managers. I felt strengthened and very confident. The project ran smoothly with some necessary discussions about local legislation. I was really proud about that achievement.

Later I detected, that the letter accidentally was never send out.

8. About Repetition
I had a discussion with a jazz-musician. He claimed, that repetitions enhance your playing security and mentioned as an example Buena Vista Social Club. Reiterations may help to some kind and perfection, help you to get in the „flow“. But too much practising the same without any free style outbreak will result only in boring routine.

„Every act is virgin even in repetition“.
Niklas Cage says

If we repeat what we did always before, we go dry.

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