Transformation happens in breadth and depth

or you know better.

In organizations, the important questions must be found first for a transformation. Often it nees the social field of a group. And the courage to “allow” the questions.

In search of the important question behind the first question, change comes from within. It comes from the inside of the organization and from the  future, that it is about to emerge.

If the responsibility is on many shoulders, then self-organization is only possible and even necessary. It is therefore important to make the responsibility of everyone transparent. Responsible self-organization by no means frees the leadership from leading. Rather, she must be the attentive gardener who watches to see no one lag behind.

Transformative leadership is a learning field for all. Using the power and elegance of groups, the  practice becomes a key driver. Agility and the clear responsibility of the individual are a prerequisite..

  • Workshops, co-creation, process design, coaching are tools.
  • Dialog is key element Processes and interventions are organic
  • The transformation always leads to new roles
  • Curiosity and learning keep us going